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Trolls DL by Thomas Dambo

Trolls in Detroit Lakes are coming! The Trolls featured above are located in other areas of the world.

We have Giant plans!

The Trolls are Coming in 2024!

Danish recycling artist Thomas Dambo will be arriving in Detroit Lakes this May with plans to install six of his troll sculptures at locations from Dunton Locks to Detroit Mountain and a handful of other art installations between Fargo and Perham. 

Dambo’s visit to Detroit Lakes to plan for the Troll sculptures is documented in the YouTube video here!

This is my biggest and most ambitious exhibition of my career.
I am so happy to have been given so much trust in my artistic decisions
and support from Project 412 and the Detroit Lakes community.
I am very excited to show you what is being stirred up.

Background about the Trolls

Danish Recycle Artist Thomas Dambo is building six of his GIANT Trolls in the Detroit Lakes(DL) area in spring/early summer 2024. These whimsical Trolls are part of a themed art installation with a story focused on environmental awareness, the beauty that can be found in trash, and the joy of being outside.

The DL Trolls are part of Thomas Dambo’s global Troll installation that now exceeds 130 sites across Europe, Asia, Australia, and the United States. You can learn more about Dambo and his Trolls at and

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About the Artist

Thomas Dambo

Thomas Dambo is a Recycle Artist. He works to create art, design and useful things from of old thrown away materials, also known as trash. By doing this he hopes to inspire others to play with the world’s leftovers, see the possibilities and have fun.

All of Dambo’s projects are realized using hundreds of tons of recycled materials, working in and with local communities, who are co-creators of the art because the mission Dambo follows needs the involvement of everybody.

Thank you for your support

Trolls DL Sponsors

Ken & Helen Foltz
Frank & Barb Foltz
The Herzog & Hvidston Families
& the Lind Family
Scott & Susan Busker
The Lundmark Family
in memory of
Dick Lundmark
The Lundmark Family
in memory of
Lois Lundmark

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Frequently Asked
Troll Questions

Have questions about the Trolls?  Find out more here!

Project 412 commissioned artist Thomas Dambo to bring his Trolls to our region. All the money was raised with generous donations from private businesses, foundations, and individuals to build the Trolls in Detroit Lakes!

This GIANT art project includes six sites in the Detroit Lakes and Frazee area plus three “portals” cleverly hidden in Fargo, North Dakota, Detroit Lakes, and Perham, Minnesota. Part of the magic is that you read a riddle provided by the artist, Thomas Dambo, and follow the clues to find the Trolls, so we cannot share exact locations. We recommend beginning your journey at Alexa the Elixer in Detroit Lakes City Park and use the kiosk to access the rest of the journey.

It will take a small army of volunteers to build the Trolls along with Thomas Dambo’s Danish crew. To sign up to volunteer to build the Trolls, click HERE! We’ll also be looking for a team of “Troll Huggers” to help with basic maintenance and caring for our Trolls after the build. If you’re interested, please reach out to

Absolutely! Selfies are encouraged. Please remember to tag Project 412 and Thomas Dambo. The intention is for visitors to interact with the Trolls – hug, take photos, walk around them, but climbing is discouraged! We want to avoid injury and ensure the Trolls can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Yes! All the Trolls live on publicly accessible land with various types of trails (some paved, some more rugged). Some Trolls are easier to reach than others, and we encourage the public to enjoy the search and experience the beauty of our 412 Lakes Area while you look for the Trolls.

The Trolls will be constructed in May into the first part of June 2024. They’ll be introduced to the public in mid-June. This is a permanent installation. While the Trolls are made of recycled materials, we plan to care for and maintain them long-term.

Art and being in nature is one of the best ways to enjoy our beautiful 412 lakes. Project 412 thought it would be magical to go BIG and invite Thomas Dambo to bring his Trolls to our area. Thomas Dambo was named #5 in the world for art installations in 2023 (by My Modern Met). People around the world have become passionate about being “Trollhunters” and finding all his installations. We anticipate this project will bring tourists and business to our area and shine a light on Becker County and the Highway 10 corridor of Minnesota as being one of the best places to live and visit!

Each Troll is made of recycled materials including a combination of structural wood, used pallets, and found decorations including tree branches, stones and other organic material. Much of the wood came from trees/lumber rescued from the Highway 34 road construction project plus pallets, scrap pieces, donated wood, and other materials from local businesses and individuals. Of special note, the head, hands, and feet of each troll were built by the Dambo team in Denmark and then the bodies of the Trolls were built by 100s of volunteers working side by side with the Dambo crew

Yes! Pets are welcome. They must be on a leash and please pick up after them.

The Trolls will be introduced to the public in mid-June of 2024. Because they are made of recycled materials the Trolls will eventually be reclaimed by the earth. However, we plan to maintain and care for these gentle GIANTS for many years to come! Please help us care for the Trolls! We are committed to keeping them alive as long as possible and as long as the public enjoys them