Long Leif

A friend of trees.
And by hanging out with them, he has learned their secret of growth,
and has become as tall as the best of them.
Maybe you will learn the secret of the trees?

Ever since he was a small splinter, Leif loved his trees.
He loved them so much he wanted to be one!
So he would stay in the clearing, and pretend to be a tree.

Feeling the sun and wind, snow and rain on his face.
Swaying gently back and forth, and growing taller and taller and taller...
He only moves around springtime, and autumn, where he'll go out and plant small trees,
in places where they can have a good life, and grow nice and big!
His gift to Alexa's Elixir is the new life in a small sapling!

Can you plant a tree?

Location & Parking

Detroit Mountain
Recreational Center
29409 170th St
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

We encourage parking near the Tubing Lodge ➝ Look for the cluster of birdhouses to begin your trek.


Please help us protect Long Leif’s habitat by visiting during daylight hours, adhering to posted signage and staying on marked trails


Long Leif is located about 1/3 of a mile from the Tubing Lodge parking lot on a wooded trail that is traversable by all-terrain type walking devices but may be difficult and slow – especially if the ground is wet.

Some mild inclines are involved. Wheelchair access is not recommended.

Challenge Level: Moderate


Public restrooms located in the main Detroit Mountain lodge during business hours.

Long Leif Sponsors

Presented by
Fritz/Lundmark Family
In Memory of Dick & Lois Lundmark

With additional sponsorship and project support from: Arvig, BTD, Frank & Barb Foltz, Herzog/Hvidston Families, Herzog Roofing, Ken & Helen Foltz, Lakeshirts, Midwest Bank, Otter Tail Corporation Foundation, Scott & Susan Busker Family, and SJE Foundation.


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