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Trolls DL by Thomas Dambo

Trolls in Detroit Lakes are coming! The Trolls featured above are located in other areas of the world.

We have Giant plans!

The Trolls are Coming in 2024!

Danish recycling artist Thomas Dambo will be arriving in Detroit Lakes this May with plans to install six of his troll sculptures at locations from Dunton Locks to Detroit Mountain and a handful of other art installations between Fargo and Perham. 

Dambo’s visit to Detroit Lakes to plan for the Troll sculptures is documented in the YouTube video here!

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About the Artist

Thomas Dambo

Thomas Dambo is a Recycle Artist. He works to create art, design and useful things from of old thrown away materials, also known as trash. By doing this he hopes to inspire others to play with the world’s leftovers, see the possibilities and have fun.

All of Dambo’s projects are realized using hundreds of tons of recycled materials, working in and with local communities, who are co-creators of the art because the mission Dambo follows needs the involvement of everybody.

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