The Golden Rabbit

Beware traveler - In this area the Golden Rabbit has been seen recently.
Ever hungry for more, and ready to persuade others to buy, use and consume,
he might just do the same to you!

Alexa's Elixir should work against the Golden Rabbit - But she might need one last ingredient, a gift from you!

Can you go the whole day without buying something new?

Location & Parking

It’s still a secret where the Golden Rabbit is located! To find the Rabbit, complete all the riddles, decode the symbols, and put into the troll alphabet to find the word that will give you a clue on as to how to find the Rabbit.


Please help us protect The Golden Rabbit by visiting during daylight hours, adhering to posted signage and staying on marked trails.


This is a difficult sculpture to find because first you need to solve the riddles and then you need to walk to the Rabbit. The trail to the Rabbit is only about ½ mile from a parking lot, but you will need to go through woods, over hills, through dales (no rivers or Grandma’s house – only if you get off trail!) to find the secret Rabbit and solve the riddle!


Secret public restrooms are available, but we can't tell you where they are.

Info Coming Soon!

TrollMap update coming soon!