Jacob Everear

Because he loves to listen, his ears have grown and grown.
He's heard all the troll stories, and now he's hungry for stories from the human world.
Do you have a story to tell?

Trolls have been telling stories since the beginning of time, and Jacob had heard them all.
He didnt' have a lot of his own stories, but would just sit around the campfire
and listen to the other trolls speak of things big or small.

Over time, his ears grew bigger and bigger, so he could hear even the small human voices!
Now he can listen to human stories too - And he awaits patiently under a tree,
for the next humans to come by and tell him a story - Big or small.
His gift to Alexa's Elixir is the power of patience, and listening

Do you have a story for Jacob Everear?


Please help us protect Jacob's habitat by visiting during daylight hours, adhering to posted signage and staying on marked trails.


Short new trail about 1/3 mile from parking lot. Trail is fairly even.


A portable restroom (Porta-potty) is available.

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