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Mashaal the Mammoth
Zug • Zara & baby Oog

Artist • Leonic Collective

Details of the Art Sculptures
  • Title Mammoth • Zug • Zara & baby Oog
  • Artist Leonic Collective
  • Date December 2022
  • Location 📍Detroit Moutain & City Park
  • Special Recognition to the following supporters:

    • Becker County
    • The Blandin Foundation
    • Project 412
    • Historic Holmes Theatre

The Story of the Art

Mashaal the Mammoth
Zug • Zara & baby Oog

The idea was for the sculpture to get people outdoors and exploring nature. (During the Covid-19 pandemic,) nobody was going out or exploring or doing anything, and the news was very divisive, so I thought, I have this frozen caveman sitting in my garage ... let's do something fun.

The mammoth is designed to be interactive, with a staircase inside one hollowed-out leg that leads into a small play area. You can climb into the belly of the beast. She is also fully visible at night. Both the body and tusks light up.

Featured Art Sculptures • Mashaal the Mammoth • Zug • Zara & baby Oog
"Mashaal the Mammoth" • at Detroit Mountain • Artist: Leonic Collective
About the Artist

Leonic Collective

Leonic is an artist collective managed by artist Zach Schumack. After a decade of experience owning and operating his own construction company, Zach later found his niche in the art world when he was asked to work at SummerSet Music and Arts Festival. Once he realized he could create engaging and meaningful installations full-time there was no looking back.

In the years following working along side, and collaborate with, some of the most talented creatives in the world, Zach realized that no art piece is a singular persons efforts. Art is like construction, many people with many different talents come together to create a single project, or art piece.

Through these experiences, Leonic was born. An inclusive opportunity that strategically pairs Zach’s artistic style with his favorite collaborators to create one-of-a-kind works that encompass a range of environments including events, marketing, public sculptures, commercial designs or residential customizations.

Featured Leonic Artist: Ian Malloy-Busse

Head sculptor of “Zara the Mother Huntress”

Ian Molloy-Busse is a self-trained artist from St Paul, Minnesota. He draws inspiration from nature, history, science fiction, and horror. He works in a variety of mediums, such as leather, metal, wood, and textile. He believes that art should evoke emotion and strives to make every piece intriguing.

Zach Schumack and Ian Malloy-Busse of Leonic Collectic with Zug Zug