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A Walk Underwater

Co-Artist • Lilly Baethke

Details of the Mural Art
The Story of the Art

A Walk Underwater

Recent Detroit Lakes graduates and artists Lilly Baethke and Chloe Leegard gifted Detroit Lakes colorfully and creatively through their Senior capstone mural project on the pathway to Dunton Locks under West Lake Drive in Detroit Lakes.

We appreciate Lilly and Chloe’s artistry in transforming a basic concrete pathway into a colorful go-with-the-flow walk underwater to inspire pedestrians to pause and linger with delight.

Featured Mural Art • A Walk Underwater
"A Walk Underwater" mural • on Dunton Locks Pathway • Artists: Lilly Baethke & Chloe Leegard
About the Artist

Lilly Baethke

Hi! I’m Lilly Baethke.

I love being creative in so many ways, my favorite being anything I can get my hands dirty with.

From painting to ceramics and lots of art classes that got me through school, I love being able to share my work.

I can’t wait to see what I create in the future, and I can’t wait to share this mural with everyone.

Lilly Baethke, Project 412 Artist