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A Troll Update!
The public secret!

The Trolls are settling into our area in secret locations!
The full troll adventure begins on June 10th! still the word.

Our Trolls are beginning to arrive in the Detroit Lakes and surrounding areas!

These illusive creatures have been spotted here and there in secret locations over the past few weeks.  We have just a matter of days to go until the full Trolls in DL adventure begins on June 10th!

We encourage the public to be patient as we add to all this as this is truly a GIANT project. The artist wants the trolls be to hidden and for it to be a game for people to figure out the riddles and find the trolls. They are all able to be found and fairly easy to access (and some wheelchair friendly), but there are tricks to the riddles and that’s part of Dambo’s joy in creating the story. Start your troll journey at Alexa’s Elixir in the City Park starting June 10. The trolls are not done before June 10!

Watch and our social media for updates.

This will have a huge impact on our area this summer and we hope you’ll continue with us on this exciting adventure!

Learn more about the artist, Thomas Dambo.
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