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Way North of Nashville 3.0
Way MORE Than a HIT!

Songwriter “Listening Room” is a HIT! – nearly 300 people hear the stories behind hit country songs and enjoy a night of bourbon and chocolate+ 
Why it was special:
  • Perham, MN native Patrick Murphy was one of the featured Nashville songwriters
  • Songwriter Brett Tyler is the cousin of Cami Eckhoff of Detroit Lakes, and the idea for Way North of Nashville was born during casual conversation at a family holiday gathering.
  • After hearing the stories “Listening Room” guests will never hear and feel these hit country songs in the same way again.
  • The featured Bourbon cocktails: 
    • Kentucky Mule:  Four Roses Bourbon, ginger beer, fresh lime juice – garnished with a lime wheel
    • Nashville Lemonade:  Four Roses Bourbon, cherry syrup, lemonade – garnished with filthy cherries and lemon
  • Charcuterie Tables: 40 feet of meat, cheese, crackers, petite desserts, and chocolate – WOW!
  • Songwriter stories of what inspired each song and the honest life experiences as a Nashville songwriter – the writing, the waiting, and the wonderful – leading up to each hit song
  • Each songwriter passionately performed their songs with just an acoustic guitar – it was real and it was perfection.
  • The teasing and the clever roasting of each other and funny conversation from the songwriters on stage – they acted like the close friends they are
By the numbers:
    • 299 attended the sold-out 300 seat show
    • 40 feet of Charcuterie food items by LaBarista Catering during the Bourbon & Chocolate party before the show
    • $6,500 raised from the silent auction for Project 412 projects
    • 2 +  hours of listening • the songwriters started sharing and singing at 8:15 pm and concluded at approximately 10:30 pm
Special thanks: 
The songwriters are treated to a real Minnesota Winter Experience by friends of Project 412.
    • Professional fisherman Tony Mariotti took them ice fishing. 
    • Todd Simison normally gives them a snowmobiling day, but this year he pivoted and took them UTV-ing. 
    • Keith & Cami Eckhoff (Cami is Brett Tyler’s cousin) share Detroit Lakes with them. 
    • Tom Winters hosted them at Meadows on Lind. 
    • Herzog Roofing gave them a truck to drive while in Detroit Lakes. 
    • Michelle Maier and Amy Stearns cooked them Tater Tot Hot Dish and an assortment of bars and cookies – think church basement ladies style!
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